Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Meeting Great Love with a Painful Heart

“…..People who are living with Rita, living an altruistic life can not avoid the  experience of getting hurt once in a while. This is some kind of interesting  structure of the human world.

As Shakyamuni Buddha said “Life is  suffering”. The source of Rita, the altruistic heart, the giving heart, the source  is what I call “Sesshin”. Sesshin, this is a special word and it is the one point  in the chest that has or feels some pain in the heart.

This is the source of  empathy towards others. The pain of the heart but also the source of  kindness, the kind heart, the tender heart, the transformation of session, the  one point of pain in the heart which we, which all human beings have carried  since childhood. If you remember when you were in your childhood, you were feeling responsible for the feelings of your parents, this is the source of the heart  of caring for others. However many people lose, have lost this as they grow up. Do you know why?….

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

“Meeting Great Love with a Painful Heart”

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