Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Find the Way to Heal your Sadness

“..Shakyamuni Buddha said “Life is suffering”. Some people understand this  but for others these words may not make much sense because they say  things like “What are you talking about, life is so much fun, it is filled with  joy. If you look at the negative side of life it is not good……”.and so on.  But………

In the case that you have been carrying the sadness in your heart, in your  body or your life for no reason and can not throw away the questions “Why  am I here? Why am I living? What is life for? I would say that you are  spiritually healthy. Let’s say that you are on a train, you don’t know where  this train is going even though you are a passenger. Wouldn’t it be strange  if you didn’t have any questions like “Where is this train going to? Why am I on this train?”. ..

By the way of course your sadness will not leave you because you know  that one day you will have to leave everything. If you don’t stop your brain  thinking “Why am I living on this planet, in this world? Where is this train  going?” Then your sadness is proof that you are healthy. ...

All the people who found a way they carried their sadness, they carried  their suffering and their questions. In the end they found a way…….”

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

“Find the Way to Heal your Sadness”

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