Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Rescue the Spirits to Heaven

Rescue the Spirits to Heaven

“In daily life we usually don’t think about certain things, for example  we don’t think that we are based on billions and billions of dead people. What I mean is that there are ancestors and all of the history of Human Beings, the stories of people who have passed away. We are the result of all those pasts and we are sharing temporary time on this planet. 

The reason why I am talking about this, is because, in case you are carrying the sadness that you can feel in your body. This sadness or sorrow must be the reflection of those spirits who were not able to relieve themselves from their sadness or sorrow, the negative feelings. 

The sadness that you are feeling in your body is a message from them, that they wish to be rescued to the heavenly state...”

Please Listen to the Full Dharma Below. Thank you

Rescue the Spirits to Heaven

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