Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Time comes from the Future

“…….The common sense of the world thinks that time comes from the past and goes to the future, but if you are a practitioner don’t let the past exist. Don’t let the past exist because time is not coming from the past, it is coming from the future. 

So, time is coming from the future, what does this mean? Well,  please feel, what is the body sensation that you have at this  moment, or what is the feeling that you have in your heart or your  mind. What is going on in your subconsciousness, in the deep level  of your heart, this includes both the negativeness and the  positiveness.  You might think that all these things that are happening in your heart, your  body sensation or subconsciousness, the feeling or feelings that you are carrying, you might think that it or they are coming from your past experiences.………

What I want you to realise is that the future, the guaranteed bright future, will change your present feeling. If the future is bright then what you feel now, your feeling of the present is also bright and  happy.………

Clearly create a happy future, have the image of this and put this image in your heart now. This makes your heart happy. This makes  your present self happy and of course the happy future comes.  You are already happy so what is there to suffer? What is there to suffer if you are sure, if you know, if you are creating a happy future in your heart……” 

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

“Time comes from the Future”

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