Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Create the World you Wish for

“..Some say that there are billions of pieces of information but that our brain only catches a mere fraction. Well maybe this is true but wait a minute! In Buddhism,  in Mahayana Buddhism, it says that we are projecting the image of our subconsciousness to the world, that the external world is a reflection of the projection of our subconsciousness. Quantum theory also says that our recognition creates the  phenomenon. So, which is it? Which is the truth? Is it that billions of pieces of  information are going on but we are just taking in a part and recognising the world or  is it the projection of our subconsciousness?  

But what about all the other information that we don’t recognise? Actually as we go  deeper into our subconsciousness there are a lot more things. As we go to deeper and  deeper levels, there are the levels common for all beings, and as we go even deeper to the deepest level there is an infinite image, an infinite subconsciousness of non duality. This is the consciousness of the Great Spirit. The absolute consciousness,  which is part of the Great Spirit. ……..

As you go deeper into the subconsciousness towards this absolute consciousness,  absolute subconsciousness or absolute image of the Great Spirit of the Universe, the  world that you recognise will expand wider. This also includes the recognition of the  time zone which also expands. So, not only yesterday and tomorrow but also past  lives and next lives. You will start to include these when you think about things.………….  

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

“Create the World you Wish for”

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