Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Prepare yourself to Realise your Wishes

“…….What is the meaning of “Prepare yourself”? This means that if you wish to realize something and if you are determined to realize it, then you have to prepare yourself, I mean prepare to do the action for the realization of your wish and prepare yourself to spend time for that. 

There are different depths of your preparation. Some people prepare themselves “no matter what needs to be done, I will do it to make it happen” or, and “no matter how long it takes I will keep doing the action to make it happen”. This is the real preparation of yourself. 

Some people are satisfied just by saying “Ohh I am going to do this or that to make this happen..” and then do nothing. Of course the result is that nothing will happen. Some people just spend time thinking about it, they spend time and it will not happen. 

To realize something, to make it happen it is better not to put any thought between your action and your determination or preparation to make it happen. People who succeed in life, people who realize their wishes, they do action before they think. I mean they think about things after they start the action.There is no time in life to think round and round, just walking the edge.….”

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

“Prepare yourself to Realise your Wish”

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  1. Miwa says:

    Thank you! A great introduction too, explaining what it means to be “prepared’? Make this more clear.

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