Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-What is the Strongest Weapon in Life

“What is the strongest weapon for this life, in this life? It is the sense of humour. 

When one doesn’t have humour in the heart it means that one’s heart is not strong enough, it is more concentrated on himself or herself. It seems like a serious face but it is a difficult face, “the difficult face” means that you are thinking that life is difficult, but if you have humour in your heart, there is some enjoyment, even if there are some problems happening, you treat that problem as a game that you solve.... 

…….So, when the humour comes out, no matter whatever the situation is, it can come out  because it is connected to the source of your existence and your source of existence is full of joy. And when it comes out from your heart, when it springs out from your heart, the pleasure of joy leaks out as humour.…..”

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you.

“What is the Strongest Weapon in Life”

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