Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Life is a Game to Transform Difficulty to Light

“(…) when we say karma it is one of the three karmas: karma of the action, karma of the image or mind and karma of the words, what you are saying by your mouth.”

“So one basic thing you have to be aware of is that your body, your actions and words have to be equal, which means that you have to be responsible for the words that you give to others.”

“So be careful which words you are subconsciously repeating, whispering to yourself. This makes a big difference in your future.”

“Life is for transforming the negative karma to the light and creating positivity. This is what life and the human world is for.”

“And if you realize that life is a game: of how to solve the problems. And if it is a game, how do you play?”

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you.

“Life is a Game to Transform Difficulty to Light”

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