Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Create Phenomena with Images

“..We, Human beings, are given part of the ability of the Great Spirit of the Universe. One of these abilities  is to create, to create the phenomenon by or through the image. This has been taught in Mahayana Buddhism since ages and ages ago, though people have the image of Buddhism more like a philosophy of emptiness or nothingness and they don’t imagine that there is a teaching in Buddhism that shows us how to create our life. 

Well, it was written only as a philosophy and not really established as a method, however, it was clear as a structure of the Universe that phenomenon is the reflection of the image as a mirror. This is called in one of the philosophies of Mahayana Buddhism as the “Great Circle Mirror Wisdom”.

The mirror means that whatever you imagine, visualize, will reflect as an object, like a mirror. Actually, how I realised this as a reality is from my clinical experience in Tao Shiatsu.……”

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you.

“Create Phenomena with Images”

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