Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Transform the World

The reason why I keep posting, broadcasting these kinds of Dharma  talks every day is because of the wish to share the Body Sensation of  Enlightenment.…………

..there is a way to get this experience in a  short time, even if the person has never practised before, if that person  is led in a certain way, it is possible. If that person is open, has a good  sensitivity to energy then it is possible.  

Now 98% of human beings are able to experience this body sensation  and as it has been taught in Mahayana Buddhism all beings have a  Buddha Nature in a deep level of their consciousness or existence.  Basically all human beings have a potential to awaken to this. There is a  method to gain this experience and because our future is written in our  subconsciousness we will be able to rewrite it, we will be able to rewrite the script of our future in our subconsciousness. ………..”

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

“Transform the World”

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