Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Be Careful with Fake Enlightenment

“……..But in the enlightenment of the Heavenly state, when the Heavenly state appears, manifests from the heart the world view will be changed, it will be much wider but it is not the enlightenment of the Buddha.

In the enlightenment of the Heavenly state the view becomes much, much wider than the view of the human  recognition, and people start seeing Ki energy and some are  awakened to the spiritual world, be awakened to past lives, be able  to see the past life of others etc. And there are those who had been  practicing in the past life that are often awakened to this by the  practice. But in Buddhism to be enlightened to the Heavenly state holds some danger as it is possible to drop into evil. Why?…….

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

“Be Careful with Fake Enlightenment”

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