Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Life is the game

“……..Human life is a challenging game, how to solve the problem in front of you. No one plays the game if the winning is guaranteed because it is boring. I know it is not easy sometimes but it is a good, all effort. When a difficult thing happens it is an examination for your soul, how to overcome it.

Ages ago there was an American baseball player called Babe Ruth, he was a king of the home run. He said he was proud of himself not because of the number of home runs but because everytime in the bottom of the slump “Every time I overcame and stood up”. 

Challenge is in front of you, but for a moment relax and feel the existence of the Great Spirit of the Universe behind you. And listen to the whisper and see the white canvas that you draw, you write your future. Let’s play the game, let’s win to create a good future for all human beings.…..”

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

“Life is the Game”

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