Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Live your Life in the Present and Manifest the Light

“In Zen Buddhism they often use the phrase here and now. Also , some people may remember a book that sold very well called “Be Here Now”

So I think that these words “Here and Now”, are well known by people who like Buddhism. I dare to say that most of the people misunderstand about the real meaning of now, about the real meaning of here and now. Because there are two kinds of now, yes ,two kinds of now. One is the present, which is the result of the past, the other is the starting point to the future and there is only one or the other in our consciousness. Only two and most of the people take now as the result of the past , not as the starting point of the future.

One reason is that, when we say now, we think that what we recognise at this moment is now.

But the moment that you recognise something, is it really the present? There is a timeline when the light reflects to your nerve and your nerve sends the signal to your brain and at this time you can recognise. It is not the present, it is already the past when you recognise it.……..

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

“Live your Life in the Present and Manifest the Light”

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