Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Transform Karma to the Light

“……...You might think, “why can’t I control my ego? Why can’t I be freer  from my ego?” Because even though you try to be positive about your future, about yourself, about others, your ego interrupts and doesn’t let you have a positive image or positive feeling  about yourself, about others, about the future. You will realise that  ego is a problem………

But wait a minute, why is there ego? Why do we have ego? Why is it a structure of the Universe that all human beings from a baby  grow and develop their own ego?……….

Without realising the reason and just saying “ok, let’s disappear or erase the ego”, doesn’t  make any sense……………

The reason why human beings have ego, have to have ego, is …………”  

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

“Transform Karma to the Light”

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