Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Great Love is in Front of You

“……….We forgot who we truly are. The truth of ourselves is the Buddha or God. But we forgot. We are trapped into the karma of our ego. 

What the world will imprint on you or educate you to, is the opposite of our true reality. The world always tells you to “be careful”. “Be careful, you don’t lose your job”, “be careful, you don’t lose your reputation, nobody will support you”…

Because, we are so much imprinted by this fear that tries to stop people from moving forward to the practice, so many people are living in fear and follow the routine of daily life for their security, not for the happiness of life. …………….

Human beings are born to live creatively, to make the world a better place. We are born to reveal our true reality, our true self which is……….

Then, how will we be able not to lose our ambition, and keep our practice to fulfill this wish, to fulfill this mission, as the reason for being born as a human being? …………”

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

“Great Love is in Front of You”

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