Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Awaken your Potential

We human beings mysteriously have a lot of potential within ourselves  because the internal part of ourselves is the Buddha. I have been saying  that we have infinite potential. Human beings have infinite potential and one of the gorgeous potentials that we have is that we are able to, anybody is able to gain the body sensation of Enlightenment ……………. 

So many people think or say that enlightenment comes after so many,  many, many years of hard practice, only then can you achieve this. We are on the ground but we have to climb up the mountain to go to the top of heaven and after heaven we will be able to reach the Pure Land  which is the Enlightenment world.……..

There is the Japanese Buddhist word Tongo, which means immediate  Enlightenment. However the method of the immediate Enlightenment  wasn’t left to us by the masters.


 I would like to inform you that there  is a method. A method not only to gain the body sensation of  Enlightenment but also a method to let others gain the body sensation  of Enlightenment……..”

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

“Awaken your Potential”

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