Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Does Evil Exist?

“There are several words in Japanese using the word “evil” in everyday life. 

For example, when we say “Jama”, “Ma” is evil and “Ja” is the evil’s negative spirit. “Jama” means disturbing. So when we say “please don’t disturb me”, in Japanese we say “ Jama shinaide”

Sometimes we use the word “Maga sasu”. “Magasasu” means that something evil comes, cutting into your existence. When we do something really wrong without being conscious, we use this word “Magasasu”.

There is also an old proverb “ko ji maooshi” (好事魔多し) It means that when you try to do something good, a lot of evil comes. 

Is it true? Does evil really exist…………..

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

“Does Evil Exist”

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