Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Let your Trust to the Bright Future appear in your Heart

” ....Every moment is the starting point to the future and it is all the time, every moment increasing the brightness. Do you know why? It is because when you are in the state of the present, which is every moment the starting point of the future, your  heart and body are always on standby. Standby for what? 

Standby to present, to give a good thing to the world. Any action  ready to give to the world. Get ready for the action to give to the  world. Do you think this makes you tired? No, it doesn’t because if  you are on standby, all the time prepared to do anything, something  good for the world then automatically, naturally you are receiving the energy of the Great Spirit.…………….

Determine that you are always prepared to do any action and to  send positive energy to others. If you do this then you will like yourself much more because that is the kind of person you want to be a friend with. Then you can be a friend to yourself, much more than the person who doesn’t like to give. Be a giver and be more of a  friend with yourself. If you become more of a friend to yourself  then you can be more friendly to others and you can be much more  friendly with the Great Spirit of the Universe. Then all the trust to the  positive future will be produced in your heart, will appear in your  heart”.  

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

“Let your Trust to the Bright Future Appear in your Heart”

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