Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Live in Wisdom, Live in Great Love

“…………Wisdom is to recognize the relationship between your present action, words and heart and what will happen in the future. The relationship is your three karmas, which is the mind, the image, action and the future. This is awakening to cause and effect. Of course the effect is the future, it is the result. And the cause is your mind, words and action towards others. 

How we behave will determine the future. For example,those who are not awakened to this wisdom, they don’t see the future point of view, that is why they can say words to other people without caring whether those words will hurt other people or not. They don’t see the result, what will happen if you hurt other people…………..

This wisdom actually comes from how much you accept the world, other people, into your own heart.……….

Accept others to your own heart, actually this is love.……….”

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

“Live in Wisdom, Live in Great Love”

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