Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Follow the Light, make your Life Bright

The concept of time in life is so very different between people. Some people or many people feel that the present situation lasts a long long time, but some people feel that the present situation will not last long, it changes quickly. Where does this difference come from? 

One of the causes may be that they think the future is based on the present. When they imagine what the future will be, their reference point of thinking about the future is the present. But actually the present just came from the past image, so we are even able to say that the reference point is the past. Because so many people think that the future comes from the past to the present and then to the future………… 

The tendency to think of the reference point as a present actually, as I said, comes from the future images, which comes from the karma of the past. Then what will happen, actually you think it is the future but it is just repeating the past, past pattern, what you call karma. Just repeating the pattern of your tendency, because you base what you think about the future on the past image and It means you are not being able to relieve yourself from the past. Not being able to relieve from the karma.

So why won’t you change the reference point? What can you imagine to make you excited about the future? Any exciting image or any ideas which make you excited are gifts  from the Great Spirit of the Universe.………..

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

“Follow the Light make your Life Bright”

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