Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Leave Fear Behind and Live Happily.

The biggest problem of human beings is that they are imprinted with “to satisfy ego is a way to be happy”. No matter how many times I say that the way of ego is to make your life suffer in the future and altruistic giving, the way of giving to others creates your happy life in the future.

No matter how many times I explained and no matter how many times people also experience energy differences depending on the way of living, they still have this imprint of “happiness is to satisfy ego” 

So often in the end they select the way based on ego to fulfill their satisfaction. The reason why some people would choose the path of ego, to satisfy their ego, is because they have fear inside.……………

And the problem is that this is common sense in society. All people are trapped in fear and they think to satisfy their ego is to follow to be happy but actually it is a trap, and is a trick, it is the opposite………

Ego creates tension and division between people and people. But being altruistic brings the unification with others, warmth of heart and body and makes you much more relaxed than living in ego…….” 

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you.

“Leave Fear Behind and Live Happily”

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