Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-What is the Practice “Be Patient” ?

“In the Buddhist Sutra called the “Heart Sutra” it is written about the six  practices of Bodhisattva.……..

The six practices are called Paramita which means to awaken to  wisdom. The first is giving, the second is to suppress and disappear  ego and the third is to be patient. Actually originally in the Japanese  text of the Sutra it is written as Ninniku which is usually translated or  interpreted as “patient”. But what does this patient, Ninniku, actually  mean ? What is the content of this for a practitioner giving merit to  others.? In today’s Dharma talk I would like to start to clarify the  meaning of this “be patient”. ………”

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you.

“What is the Practice “Be Patient””

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