Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-How to Create Happiness

“…….Basically  people who live to give merit to others are living at least  2 or 3 times happier than those who do not. Do you  know why? It’s because of giving merit to others,  because the motivation is that they like to see the happy  face of others , therefore, those people who live to give  merit to others or not ,are those who like to see the  happy face of others.

If the motivation is to see the happy face of others,even  before you take action, you imagine the happy faces of  others. It makes you feel happy, even just by imagining  the happy faces of others, because that’s what you like.  And you do an action and they show you a happy  face, the smile, because of what you have done. Then  you feel happy again. And even after that, the image of  the happy face of others will echo in your  subconsciousness. So subconsciously you feel happy.  This is the reason why the people who give merit to  others are at least 2 to 3 times happier than those who  don’t do this.……..

To forget about yourself, the best way is to use your  heart and action to make others happy and that will  create a happy life. In your heart and in your  phenomenon…………..” 

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you.

“How to Create Happiness”

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