Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Pain of the Heart is a Treasure

“Since you were little, you must have had pain in your heart ……What was this pain? This pain might be that you were feeling that you’re not enough as a child of your parents. Or you must have the feeling of loneliness, that no one understands your pain , your loneliness, your care for others. If you are  spiritually strong you might have carried this since your youth. To carry the  pain in your heart is not because of your weakness, actually it is the strength  from your spirituality. It’s not because you are weak or because you’re not  good enough or something. It is because you were or are receiving the pain  of all beings in the Universe. It’s the pain of others that is reflecting to your heart…. 

You might be thinking that or feeling that this pain of the heart is only your  own trauma but it is not. The reason that you have to experience such  sadness in your life, since childhood it has been an arrangement by the Great Spirit of the Universe. Why? Because only through the pain of the heart you will be able to empathise with the pain of others. If you don’t feel or have not  experienced such sadness in your life you are not really able to empathise  and understand other people’s pain……..  

All of us are, our life is arranged in this way because we human beings have  a mission to love and care for others. Mission means that we are born to live  this way. But many people when they become adults forget. They forget the mission of their life, why they were born. And they are just busy, struggling to  survive, to fulfil their ego or to overcome their fear. But they will never be able  to overcome their fear unless they live their life to fulfil the mission of their life…..”

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you.

“Pain of the Heart is a Treasure”

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