Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Bright Future in your Hand

The Universe is not something physical. The Universe is not something  material. It is a spirit. It is enlightenment, an enlightened spirit and it is  infinite development, infinitely developing moment to moment. However  it is not easy for us human beings to imagine something that is infinite  development. Moment to moment developing. Moment to moment the  joyfulness increases. Moment to moment happiness increases.  Moment to moment beauty increases. This is all for us who live in  the human world. 

It is difficult for us to imagine because we are living in a world that is  opposite. Moment to moment the beauty decreases. Moment to  moment physically everything goes down, goes down physically as  time goes by. We get old as time goes by. Food we are no longer able  to eat after a few days, maybe even a day or two because it decays. 

Actually there is only one thing that increases materialistically in this  human world. Do you know what it is? It is money. If you put money in  the bank it increases with interest and you can see the numbers  increasing. That is why people are attached to money, it is a projection  of the wishes for something opposite to the human world. Something  that increases every moment because we are living in an opposite  world…………” 

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you.

“Bright Future in your Hand”

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