Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Wisdom means Knowing the Future

“………..I think the stupidest thing about humans is that we don’t think about the future.

Perhaps we don’t think,or we don’t imagine it. In not imagining the future, includes also that you don’t imagine what you would do if it were you when you look at another person. Interestingly, not imagining the future……..

Simply talking about it, people cannot or will not imagine the situation that will result from the actions that they have just taken or are about to take.

For example, we eat food that is full of additives, sugar and pesticides.

People think that this is good enough for now. The idea is that it’s okay because there are no immediate results…………..

What will happen in the future if you do this action, or what would happen in the future if you did another action? The other thing is what would you think if you were the other person…………..”


Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you.

“Wisdom means Knowing the Future”

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