Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Wisdom and Freedom

One of the biggest problems of human beings is that we still don’t have a  definition of certain words, for example happiness, wisdom. What is  happiness? What is wisdom? I dare to tell you now that wisdom is the heart of  “you will be able to see your own heart including your subconsciousness”.

The reason why human beings haven’t got the definition of wisdom is because  there are not so many people who are able to see their own heart including  their subconsciousness. So, many people think that each one of us belongs to  the physical body and that the objective world is material and concrete, and  that we have to be passive to what is happening in the outside world. All we  can do is to follow the situation. Many people are living with this view of the  world……. …..

We are not belonging to something physical. All the objective world belongs to one’s heart. The heart of one person, each person is receiving all the  reflection of all the existence of the whole universe, and at the same time, the  heart of one person, each person is directly affecting the existence of the  whole universe…………..”

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you.

“Wisdom and Freedom”

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