Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Seeds of Happiness

“We human beings, all of us, are living to be happy. However, it is not so easy to “Live to create a Happy Life” because human beings have karma that we share and we also receive negative karma from all other people. Actually we are giving and sharing each other’s karma. The second reason is that we humans are still not aware of how we are able to create a happy life by our heart, by our mind and our image. We are not educated and we are not trained for that. And another thing is that we human beings don’t know what the definition of happiness is . 

When we use the word or we hear the word happiness we think about what we got from the phenomenon world, for example we won the lottery and became happy, got married, we got a promotion, we bought a car, a house, this and that. All these phenomena and we think our happiness depends on the phenomenon, external circumstances. 

However, sadly we human beings are not able to be happy as long as we are dependent on the phenomenon. It is because whenever good things happen in our life we easily get used to it, to our happy situation. Let’s say you get promoted or you win the lottery, but after a while it is no longer going to be the cause of your happiness. It is because the phenomenon has nothing to do with your happiness. We make a big mistake with the definition of happiness……….

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you.

“Seeds of Happiness”

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