Your soul will shine 

…”How to live is to live one’s life for not only oneself but for the world, for all human beings. It is  to create pleasure and share it for the benefit of the world, to feel the joy and pleasure and to make that the reason for living. This is the true reason for the human being’s existence, not nervously and fearfully looking for security. No, one’s life is to find joy within oneself and share it for the world, for oneself and for the benefit of all”….

…”As the new physics theory says, your mind is spreading everywhere in the Universe. Your heart is creating phenomenon.  As humans awaken to this, not just as knowledge, but on a subconscious level, the human can change the way of living to be more free from fear and create joy that can be shared for the benefit of the whole world. Life will manifest as it is imagined”…

Please listen to the complete talk here. Thank you

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