Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Suffering can be the Treasure of the World

 “….what is the meaning of the difficulties in life? Is it because of your Karma or negative Karma? Don’t think that way. There is no need to think that way. 

Actually, each one of us subconsciously reflects all being’s suffering to our subconscious whether you feel it or not. When one of those subconsciousness  appears as a phenomenon, the difficulties of life happen. 

There is a word in Mahayana Buddhism which is Daijuku, which means to suffer instead. This is like in Christianity, which is that Jesús suffered by being crucified for our sins. This concept is Daijuku, suffering instead of others……. 

So, what about in your life? All suffering and all the difficulties you experience in life is to understand other people, empathize with other people who have the same suffering and who have the same difficulties. You experience this to be able to empathize, understand and support them to overcome their suffering……. 

When you start living to overcome the difficulties and to relieve yourself from karma by helping others and empathizing with them, all the suffering that you experienced in the past becomes the light of the world. 

The suffering can be the treasure of the universe because all the good things for other people the motivation comes from your sadness or suffering. The sadness will transform into kindness………”

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you.

“Suffering can be the Treasure of the World”

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