Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Beyond Religion

“If you are looking for the path directly connected to the Great Spirit of the  Universe then don’t get stuck with religion. Don’t get stuck with religion  means either you deny or not deny. Clarifying in yourself what is religion and what is true spirituality……………. 

.Don’t depend on anybody  for your decision, stand on your own feet, who else can walk the path if not yourself. Who else can give your ambition except for yourself. Either  you bring up your ambition or not, it all depends on you. 

…….There is no path if you don’t walk. So don’t walk for yourself, for your own  benefit but walk the path to create the way, to create the path. It is like the  person who walks into the bush, the wild forest, and creates the way, the  path for the people who come later.……..”

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you.

“Beyond Religion”

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