Hope Warriors Dharma Talk

Relief From Anger

“Sometimes during life things that you don’t want or you don’t like, happen.

(…) Basically all the anger comes from the feeling of being victimized. If you let yourself feel victimized, in that moment you lose because the reaction of feeling victimized is anger.

(…) But actually all anger is the projection of past trauma and something triggers it.

(…) There are always two ways to interpret the situation: as if you are victimized or not. The difference comes from the view of the world, the view of life. But basically it comes from the sensation of existence, body sensation of existence.”

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you.

Relief From Anger

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  1. Annie Bachmann says:

    I really enjoy the Dharma talk because it shed light on something that is so human, and so troubling like anger, and also because the talk led us to the huge experience of Buddha nature body and Dharma Kiya body.
    Thank you Maria for recording this so nicely! Annie 🙂

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