Hope Warriors Dharma Talk

Life is Practice to Train, Raise up your Fate

As gravity exists on this earth the human world has karma, which is  something like gravity. We human beings need to stand up against gravity  the same as we have to overcome karma and move forward.  

All the difficulties, what has happened, what happens in life, is to train our  energy to have a good destiny. In Japan we call the ki of destiny or  fortune Unki. This means that our destiny, our fortune depends on our  energy, what energy we are extending or projecting to the world…………… 

Imagine the people who are cheering up others, lifting up the energy of  other people, wow! They look so energetic. They look energetic because they have taken in Universal Energy in order to give to others. 

Then  imagine those who are not giving energy to the world, they are not  receiving energy from the Universe. People who are not giving energy to the field etc, as a result are not taking the energy of the Universe into their  body, their heart. They don’t know how much this Universal Energy is  related to their destiny. Remember the Japanese word Unki, this ki energy is  the source, the energy source of your destiny and your destiny is going to be lifted up or just follow the gravity or karma going down year by year…………..”  

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you.

“Life is to Practice to Train, Raise yp your Fate”

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