Hope Warriors Dharma Talk

Practitioners, be Prepared to be Alone

There is a quote of Shakyamuni Buddha which says “practitioners just walk alone”. What does “just walk alone” mean? 

Many people misunderstand the meaning, such as, this means that  “don’t be with a group and just practice by yourself.”

In some way, yes. But actually, there is no individual existence. One individual existence can exist only by being supported by all the other existences. Even one finger movement will affect the whole universe. And the movement of your finger is the result of the movement of the whole universe…………… 

You need to realise, accept all other existences, beings of the world in your heart, which means that you need to care about the other person as yourself. If you accept as an existence into your heart 100% you start to feel that the subconscious of the other person is in your heart………….

This spirit of “walking alone” by yourself but with so much warmth, so much freedom and so much purity that you will find that your soul is shining in this way of living in the spirit  

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you.

“Practitioners be Prepared to be Alone”

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