Hope Warriors Dharma Talk

Wisdom is what Facilitates the Workings of Love

“In general people say that Buddhism is the religion of Wisdom. But what is Wisdom? Well, wisdom is the eyes to see your own heart, including your subconsciousness. 

Buddhism says that there are 10 spiritual worlds. Which are from hell to Pure Land: Hell, Hungry ghost, fasting hell, animals, fighting hell, humans, heavenly world, small enlightened world, Bodhisattva and Buddha. 

We all have these 10 worlds in our own heart. There is no exception, every single person has. 

Therefore if your heart is more awakened to the Pure land, which is Bodhisattva and Buddhas, you will start to be more aware of the opposite heart of Buddha in your own heart,  which is like hell, fasting hell…………

Wisdom is to know and see that all the world is in one’s heart, including heaven and also the world of enlightenment, the Pure Land. 

How is it that all the existences of the whole universe are reflecting to you every moment? ………….

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you.

“Wisdom is what Facilitates the Workings of Love”

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