Hope Warriors Dharma Talk

Be Accepted by the Great Love

People feel that they are loved when they feel that they are understood or when they feel that they are accepted. In Japanese there is the expression “even if it goes into your eyes you don’t feel pain”, we use this expression when someone really loves like a baby, takes others into their heart completely and accepts others into their own existence. This is the action of loving. It is different from the attitude of observing objectively, where there is no love. People just feel like they are being seen as material. 

People need to be treated as an existence of the spirit. That’s why you need effort to accept into your own heart. Accept another existence into the heart 100%. When this happens other people feel they are accepted, they feel relaxed and they feel warmth, and this means that there is an action of loving. Usually people don’t want to do this, because there is a lot of subconscious fear of each other in this modern society. People are having relationships not because of love, but because of the calculation of the merit and demerit. It is a commodity but this is not an easy relationship.………………

How you treat others, it is actually how you  are treating yourself. If you are kicking out other people from your heart it means you are kicking yourself out of the heaven inside of your heart. ………….

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

“Be Accepted by the Great Love”

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