Hope Warriors Dharma Talk

Freedom is the Merit of Wisdom

Wisdom means that you are able to see your own heart. You can see your own heart  as if it were transparent. Without this wisdom you can not see what is happening in  your subconsciousness, which is deep in your heart, this is because you are not responsible  to your own life, to your future. Responsible means that all the phenomena happening  in your life are caused by, or are the result of your subconsciousness that you carry from the past. ………… 

So what is the cause of your future life, the phenomena, what is happening in your  life? Is it because of the external world, that somebody did something or is it from the  projection of your subconsciousness to the phenomena world?  

As long as you are thinking that the cause is the external world you will not be able to  create your future, because then everything depends on the external world and you  are powerless. But if you accept the responsibility of your future then you can have a  choice to create your life. All you need is to determine what that life will be, visualise it, keep telling yourself and then act with also wishing the best for others. This takes much more effort than putting the external world as the cause of your life, your future. ……….” 

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

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