Hope Warriors Dharma Talk

What is the Mission of your Life?

“…..You might not notice that so much energy is supporting you and the whole universe is responding depending on what energy you send, what mind you have, what image you have, what words you say to yourself. Every  moment the whole universe is responding to your field, that which is around  you, and the Great Spirit, which is always supporting you, is fully caring and  wishing for your positive future. Why won’t you sense this by stop being busy. The busyness of your mind which is worrying about the future. Instead  of worrying about the future, why won’t you sense the energy of the warmth  of the Great Spirit which is beside you as the hidden shadow of your  existence. 

The Great Spirit is always silently whispering to you that there is no need  to worry. Just give up to the warmth of the energy of the Great Spirit, Great  Love. All you need to do is to open up your sensitivity to the field of  emptiness which is beyond the duality of the border of yourself and  others.The Great Spirit is always whispering to you as the beloved child. All  you need is to sense the peaceful energy which is trying to surround you. All  you need is to sense that you are embraced by the warmth of the Great Love, of the Great Spirit of the Universe which is always beside you and  supporting you so that you will be surrounded with happiness and love. …….”

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

“What Is the Mission of your Life”

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