Hope Warriors Dharma Talk

The Radiance of the True Heart

(Beyond Religion)

“The universe or the essence of existence, is the infinite spiritual  development. But what is the meaning of spiritual development? What is the meaning of development? Development means that the potential  springs out from the source of the universe and infinite development  means that every moment, moment to moment destroying the situation of the phenomenon and the new brightness of the heart springs out moment to moment. 

The whole universe itself is infinite spiritual development but this is very  different from the common sense of human society. Human society  forces people to have the illusion that the continuation of “as before” is the peace but actually the universe is only existing as the duality, which  means that either development or going down exists, positive or negative. 

It is only one way or the other, which means that if things have not developed but kept as was before, then spiritually it is going down.  Most people are not aware of this and they try to follow the common  sense of our human society…”

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

“The Radiance of the True Heart”

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