Hope Warriors Dharma Talk

Magic Tricks of the Universe

… trying to keep one’s security is the worst way of living. So many people are trapped into the materialistic world and also the fear of living. Life based on the physical body, on materials, means that it is based on fear and these people are actually not living their life. These people are trying not to die and we call this “Mission Impossible”. Nobody can escape from dying, escape from death and based on this reality we should live not for our security but to live to create the future of our lives, for your life, for the world.

What can be most helpful to create the future is to determine what the future will be. Determine is to include the image of “how it will be” and this includes the feeling of when your wish is realised. What is most important is how much you can keep this feeling. 

For one who is strongly trapped into the physical world it is difficult to create the feeling of when the wish is realised because it is not happening yet. The wish is yet to be realised so they think “why do we have to feel happy about it”. But actually what comes first is the feeling,………..…………

Always an unknown door is opened depending on how you knock on the door. 

There is some mystical power that exists in this universe, in this world, in your life. Please be aware of this magical existence. That magical existence is always trying to stimulate your awareness. Let’s have more curiosity about the secrets, the magic of life and the world.…………”

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

“Magical Tricks of the Universe”

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