Hope Warriors Dharma Talk

How to Change your Life

“……..even though the past may be negative, how you react can be  driven by yourself. To have the strength of the heart not to protect the past  trauma is not easy but even so determine and create a new pattern of your  actions, for example, just decide that you are going to spend one hour of your day, on something. You may decide for example to go to the gym or do the practice of the prayers and mantra chanting. Whatever you decide, if you determine and then if you can keep repeating the new pattern, repeatedly create the new pattern of your life and spend one hour on it, then you will start having the strength to overcome the karma.  

This continuation will change your life but it is difficult to continue for one  hour everyday. Do you know why continuing something is most difficult for humans?  The difficulty is because you get bored of repeatedly doing the same thing everyday, and this means that if you don’t start making it deeper you can’t  continue. But as long as you continue with your iron will there is no other choice but for your infinite potential to be awakened and make your action  much brighter……………

When you have a new custom in your life your existence changes and your  strength is trained. This brightness of the heart creates new encounters  with other people and when your existence has changed by your new  custom then your life will change …………….. 

Some say that it is a genius that can continuously make an effort for something, this means that if you continuously do something it will create a genius,  whether you want to be a genius or not. Anyway start doing something, decide on something to do, a new thing for your life. Decide, determine what to do everyday for one hour………..” 

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you.

“How to Change your Life”

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