Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-For one who suffers in life

Some seasons in life, you suffer. Sometimes, you have a reason for suffering, and sometimes you don’t. Either you have a reason or not have a reason. Anyway, don’t blame yourself, also don’t victimize yourself. 

If you blame yourself, I know that sometimes you want to blame yourself, but there is no right to blame, also when you victimize yourself, you start to get angry. This is not the point of the cause of the suffering. Suffering comes not from yourself. As all the potential in you does not come from you, all the suffering also doesn’t come from you.……………………

The suffering comes from the suffering of all beings. When you feel or you receive suffering,  it is your chance to find the light deep inside of yourself. The light is the potential that all the suffering will be transformed to the light. All the suffering will transform to the light and all the suffering will transform to the Great Love.………………”

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you.

“For One who Suffers in Life”

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