Hope Warriors Dharma Talk

What Creates your Destiny is your Ki energy

The fortunate or lucky  phenomena will happen depending on what kind of energy you are  extending to the world. Is your energy making other people  comfortable, or cold, bored or excited? Depending on what kind of  energy you are extending to the world is actually your fortune………..  

Either good fortune or karma, all are Ki energy transformed as a phenomena. What kind of Ki energy you are extending is what your attention will be focused to. If your attention is focused on something that makes you feel comfortable, or something  that you can rely on, it doesn’t give you good fortune. This is because  God or Buddha will not be dwelling in you. But if you focus your  attention towards what needs to be healed, that person that needs to be healed, and  strongly connect, then they will be happy. You will have extended energy to make them happy”. 

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you.

“What Creates your Destiny is your Ki Energy”

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