Hope Warriors Dharma Talk

How to  live  your life in a more creative way.

“How to make your life creative?

When your playful heart explores, it springs out from you and as it explores you can live creatively. All creations were made from the explosion of the playful heart. 

Then, how does the playful heart spring out from you? Yes, when you chant a mantra with the heart of praising God or Buddha your playful heart will be stimulated and start to open.This playful heart breaks through your limitations.

There is no limitation in life. But sometimes the limitation happens. Who created the limitation? No one, but yourself. Only you yourself has the power, either you create a  limit or you explore the infinitive potential. ………

It comes from praise. Actually, Praise and joy go back and forth.

If you chant repeatedly the mantra with a heart of praise, God or Buddha and so on, with praise, joy starts to spring out as a result. Because joy is the heart of God or Buddha and it’s a source of existence.

The key is praise, and this joyful heart, playful heart starts to be opened and starts to spring out.

When the playful heart with joy starts to spring out you start to do the action,to share to create the new world and to create your new life to share this joy with others.

And the more you share this joy of the playful heart with others, the more your joy increases. And this is one of the most important aspects of the body sensation of enlightenment”.

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you.

“How to live in a more creative way”

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