Hope Warriors Dharma Talk

All you need is to Trust the Great Spirit for Good Fortune

Listen to the voice that is whispering to your subconscious like a wave of the ocean. Listen to this voice, the voice is whispering and exists behind your consciousness. The Great Spirit exists and is supporting your life and your future, quietly and secretly but gently with so much care. The Great Spirit is all the time with you and whispering to your subconscious. So what is the Great Spirit whispering? It is “trust me, trust love, trust care”.…………”

“you are the writer of the scenario of life”, trust this ability. Once you trust your potential you will start awakening, but this this has to be awakened with joy. So, how does this joyfulness spring out from you? It is easy. Once you start sharing any joy with others you will be awakened to the fact that joy is a source of existence…………”

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

“All you Need is to Trust the Great Spirit for Good Fortune”


  1. Alice Schmitzhofer says:

    Dear Susan and all,

    Thank you for your constant opening up the world to the Dharma world. I keep being inspired and grateful. Finally Dharma talk also in German available.

    Please tell me where to send the recording, that you can integrate it here in the Hope Warriors Dharma Talk

    I you can send me the mp3 files of the english – french and spanish recordings I can upload them on the Flame of Hope podcast – the platform is Anchor.fm and it automatically is uploaded also to spotify. At the moment there is still a tiny problem with spotify. They (Anchor) are working on it.

    Please see here the link https://anchor.fm/flame-of-hope-podcast/episodes/3-freude-erschafft-zukunft-e1hr6ck

    Arigato gozai mas. Alice


    1. susaneddie says:

      Hi Alice. Thank you for your inspiring comments.I will let the other members know.
      I have sent you an invitation so that you can make your own post with your own recording. It can then easily be posted to your Facebook page and then we can all share. If you prefer you can send the recording direct to me with the title in English. I can find the text on the Dharma talk list and incorporate it to the page. This will save you some time. Either method is fine. Thank you so much. Sue


    2. susaneddie says:

      Dear Alice Do we send the mp3 files direct to your e-mail?
      Thank you


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