Hope Warriors Dharma Talk

Our Mission is to Create a New Future for the Planet

“What is the true reality of the world? Our touch sense, eye sense, ear sense, smell sense and taste sense, all of these five senses are the way to recognise the world and we usually believe that the world is concrete and it is an objective existence. We believe that we are just getting information about the world from these five senses and this is how we recognise the world. But actually it is not like that………”

“………….what wisdom appears is that all touch sense and the recognition of the world is also the projection of your subconsciousness, which is called Alaya conscious, or  8th conscious, in Buddhism. This is not understanding from your head conscious, it is from your body sensation and you realise that the world is like a mirror, a mirror of your subconsciousness……”

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

“Our Mission is to Create a New Future for the Planet”

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  1. Alice says:

    Thank you for the inspiring wisdom

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