Hope Warriors Dharma Talk

Body and Heart melted away by Great Love

Once you experience the real existence of the Great Love of the Great Spirit of the Universe, you no longer feel that your breath is individual because the breathing is not done by your body, I mean your physical body. You will be awakened to a much bigger body, which is even bigger than the earth, and slightly bigger that the atmosphere. This body is called the Buddha Nature Body. 

When you experience the Great Love you will no longer recognise the world as something divided from yourself or separated from yourself and your body and or your heart, and the world will be melted. How can this happen?  Well as long as you don’t accept others into your heart this will not happen. You have to regain the heart of the child……………

Be responsible for the happiness of all beings and keep praying, chanting and practicing for that. Share the Great Love, share the happiness. If you be responsible to this then as a result the Great Love appears within you. When the Great Love appears your heart and body will start to melt by the Great Love, warmth of the Great Love. When this happens all your sadness, all your pleasures, all your feelings just become warm. Then you will understand in that moment, that all the sad experiences in the past, since childhood, were so that you can empathise with other people’s pain, to care about others, to develop your heart for caring for others. All this is  because human beings are only able to to understand other’s pain through their own pain. 

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

“Body and Heart melted by Great Love”

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