Hope Warriors Dharma Talk

“Comfortably Numb with the Great Spirit”

What we usually think as happiness, actually is not so pleasant. For example, we think that we will be happy if we eat or when we eat a gorgeous meal. We think we will be happy if or when we win the lottery and get a lot of money or something. He or she will be happy if they get a boy or girl friend, get married, get a promotion, whatever.  People think that this is happiness, but this kind of duality happiness is based on the opposites, on the opposite situation. 

So this means that to feel happy about eating is only based on hunger, being hungry or starving. When someone who is starving eats food they of course feel happy but if someone is already full then they don’t feel happy to eat more. After the promotion etc. once you get used to the situation you don’t feel happy anymore. Whatever the situation to make a human being happy is based on the opposite situation, hunger, loneliness, poverty, these negative situations. People fell happy when these negative situations are turned around. This isn’t the real meaning of happiness.

True Happiness is beyond duality. And where does that come from? But first, let me say that I am not denying or rejecting to enjoy these happiness of duality, it is good for life but it is a pity if one doesn’t discover the True Happiness or True Joy beyond the duality. One example of non -duality joy is from one of the body sensations of enlightenment.  

There are four kinds of body sensation of enlightenment  and one of them is called “Majestic Power Enlightenment”. This springs out from the source of existence and when this happens you start to feel each one of the cells of your body vibrating comfortably,……..”

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

“Comfortably Numb with the Great Spirit”

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