Hope Warriors Dharma Talk

All the Universe is on your side

“Yes, body sensation is Wisdom, but how to awaken people to this body sensation, where does it come from? As I have said before, this comes from the non-duality world, which is the Great Spirit of the Universe”. ……….

Devote yourself in the practice.And what is practice? Yes practice has to be based on the desire that you want to benefit the world”.……….

Benefit All . This is the purpose of the practice and based on this attitude, based on this desire, based on this practice, the body sensation of Wisdom will be awakened.

You will fit to the Universe. If you are fitting to the Universe who can go against you? You will find that nobody can go against you except yourself”.

All the Universe is on your side”.

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

“All the Universe is on your side”

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