Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Be King of the World

“True Reality of the world or True Reality of life, is that we have, we are, the potential to create the future to create the world, because the world depends on our image, on our action. Why is it that human beings easily drop into the illusion that the world can not be changed? 

There is a duality between heart and materials, subject and object. Because if we think that we are powerless to the world then we don’t have to be responsible to what is happening to or in the world. But actually this is not so. Heart and materials, heart and the world are equal. Actually yourself, myself, ourselves are not material. 

The world is yourself, your heart is the world, the world is your heart. This means that you are responsible to what is happening in the world, responsible to/ for your future. You are not a victim of the world. You are not a slave of the future. You are the main character of your life, the main character of the world. 

You are the King of the world. Determine and wish the very very best.”

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

“Be King of the World”

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